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Your Very Own Hairstyling Tips For Unruly Fringes

Every girl who's sported bangs at some point in her life can completely relate to unruly fringe woes! For those of you who have continued to stay true to your bangs, here are a few hair hacks to keep them looking fabulous at all times.

Always blow-dry your fringe straight away

Let's face it, when it comes to keeping your fringe straight, the only way to insure it doesn't turn into an unruly fluffy mop is to blow-dry it immediately. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to blow-dry your entire head, just the fringe. The sooner you blow-dry the smoother and straighter it will be.

Purchase the right hair brush

Here's one tip most people ignore when it comes to styling the perfectly rounded fringe. The type of brush you use makes a world of a difference, so nab yourself a small, round bristle brush for that smooth bangs finish. The smaller the brush, the more control you'll have when it comes to shaping your fringe.

For times when you can't blow-dry, twist dry

For times when a blow-dry isn't an option, such as at a festival or beach holiday, twist your fringe into shape instead. Simply part your fringe in the centre and twist each section outwards. This will stop your fringe from drying into a cowlick and will create a retro, 70s effect.

Keep it clean

No one likes oily roots and unfortunately for those of us with bangs, greasy hair is even more obvious than on fringe-free ladies. Wash your fringe just before washing your face at night by separating it from the rest of your locks and giving it a clean with a clarifying shampoo. This way you don't have to commit to washing your whole head too often.

Go easy on the hair products

Gels, texturizing powders and hair sprays will only serve to weight your fringe down, so go easy on the styling products and only whatever product is left from styling the lengths of your hair onto your fringe.

Invest in a mini hair straightener

Beat wind and rain while you're out and about during the day by investing in a mini hair straightener, which you can use at home and keep in your bag while you work, shop and dine with your friends. A slim flat iron is the best shape to go for as you can get closer to the roots for optimum straightening.

Keep a dry shampoo in your purse

For those days when you feel like skipping a wash, post-gym or when you're having an oily hair day, there's always dry shampoo. As with all products, you don't want to go overboard, so keep your use to a minimum. Get yourself a mini spray can to keep in your purse at all times, you know, just in case...

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