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Your guide to getting perfect French girl hair

We all secretly want to be a little bit French and what better way to channel our inner Parisian chic goddesses than with French girl hair! Read on to find out more about this popular hairstyle and how to style it.

A cut above the rest

As with French fashion, French girl hair is a cut above the rest, so be sure to get this look down perfectly by asking your hairstylist to cut your hair into a lob and then ask for a thinly cut 70s style fringe. The fringe is an important element in the French girl hair mixture, so don't miss out on this crucial component! As with French fashion, you'll want to keep your cut looking on form, which means regular visits to the salon for trims.

Styled to perfection...but don't let anyone know!

French girl hair means effortlessly stylish, which translates to well kept hair that looks like it hasn't gone through hours of extensive styling. What you're looking to achieve with this hairstyle are messy waves, with plenty of volume and texture, so be sure to invest in a decent texturising spray or powder to get the bed-head effect. Remember, effortlessly stylish is key to getting your French girl hair just right, which means not over doing the messiness of your waves and keeping hair clean and brushed at all times.

A little bit of, "je ne sais quoi"

The colour you should be asking your hairstylist for when you head over to the salon for your appointment is a rich French brown. Blondes and redheads will have to go through a slightly lengthy process of a pre-colour treatment to your hair in order to reduce the risk of copper tones showing through, but the end result should be a rich and luscious brown that looks as good enough to eat as a chocolate bar. French girls care far too much about their appearance to allow roots to show through, so getting regular touch ups on your roots is going to be very important in the overall maintenance of this hairstyle.

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