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Three Simple Ways to Rock a Centre Braid

A new season hairstyle that's about to become a classic, who would have known there are so many ways to style a centre braid? Let's take a look at what this hot new do has to offer...

Reverse French plait mohawk

A little bit of imagination went a long way when the classic French braid was combined with a mohawk to create this urban twist up-do. This edgy new look was created by reversing a French plait so that it appears to sit on your head, as opposed to being tucked under. Wondering how to recreate the effect? Simply reverse your French plait by weaving sections of hair under the middle section instead of over.

Sleek and chic centre braid

A sleek and sophisticated take on the centre braid, this braided hairstyle draws attention to the face while channeling a more grown-up vibe.

Start with perfectly smooth and shiny locks by washing your hair with a shine-enhancing shampoo and conditioner, followed by a small application of hair oil. If your hair is naturally thick or wavy, straighten with heat styling tools, but not before applying a heat protection spray first. Create a central chunk of hair and braid away!

There's plenty more braids where that came from...

If you're feeling creative with your braiding game, why not create a more intricate look by braiding a pair of tiny plaits on either side of your central braid? Better still, cover up your hair band by wrapping a braid around the base of your ponytail.

Whichever braided up-do you choose to sport this season, keep your texture and hold by spraying your finished look with a lightweight hairspray before and after styling your braids. A dry shampoo will inject your locks with added texture and will soak up excess oil from the lengths, giving your centre braid a matte finish.

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