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Thick long bob with heavy fringe: stylish and cool

The thick long bob with a heavy, straight-across fringe has become synonymous with rock and roll chic, making it a long time It-girl favourite! Strong but feminine, edgy yet classic- this graphic hairstyle has it all!

All about the look

Thick medium-length hair is cut into an on-trend long bob with blunt ends and then softly dishevelled for a modern vibe. A heavy fringe is cut just below the brows for a casual touch, framing the face and adding even more mystery to the look. While not for everyone, this bold look has become a favourite among trendsetting bloggers, fresh-faced models, and Hollywood's most famous It-girls!

Trims, trims, trims

In order to copy this fashion-forward look, it's important to keep your hair neatly trimmed and well-maintained. Fringes are great for transforming any haircut into an instant look, but they don't come without responsibility! All fringes, but especially long ones, will have to be cut every few weeks so they won't obstruct your vision. Luckily, most stylists offer complimentary fringe trims in between regular appointments.

More volume, please!

Our hair specialist cites the mid-length long bob as an ideal cut for framing the face, giving a slimmer appearance to both round- and square-shaped visages while emphasizing the eyes and cheekbones! Hair of all thicknesses and textures, however, can benefit from a liberal amount of volumising mousse to give the locks extra lift at the root. Simply apply the water-based styling product to your hair and then comb through with a wide-tooth comb to distribute from root-to-tip.

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