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The sleek bob: a timeless, refined hairstyle

Already considered a timeless classic, bobs have also become this season's hottest hairstyle! Versatile and modern, the look is especially popular when styled smooth and straight... perfect for showing off high-shine hair!

All about the look

Bob hairstyles haven't been popping up on the red carpet by the tenfold lately without good reason! This geometric hairstyle beloved by It girls and their stylists is highly versatile, effortlessly cool, and relatively low maintenance. Best of all, bobs are ideal for giving thin or fine hair added volume, and more volume = more glamour! To give your hair a healthy boost, we recommend smoothing a pea-sized amount of volumising mousse before drying.

A good compromise between long and short

For those who want the fresh, modern look of a pixie cut without sacrificing too much length, the bob is a no-brainer. With its supple texture and razor sharp ends, the sleek look works on any hair colour, from blonde to brown. Above all, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to styling! The sleek look might be your go-to, but you could easily transform your hairstyle to wavy or curly on a whim.

Silky and smooth

When it comes to daily hair styling, achieve the appearance of perfectly smooth hair with the help of a smoothing balm thatprovides a controlled look of frizz , high-shine hair. Simply squeeze the recommended amount of styling product into your palm, and then apply it to damp hair (from root-to-tip) before drying your hair as smoothly as possible with the help of a natural bristle brush. The result? Smooth-looking hair with natural movement!

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