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The 3 Ultimate Ways to Protect Your Hair During Winter

Cold weather seems to go hand in hand with brittle, dull-looking hair. We share three simple haircare tips to help protect your locks from the winter woes.

Tender loving care for dry and brittle hair

A combination of cold outdoor temperatures and indoor central heating can cause your hair to lose moisture, leaving it dry, brittle and broken. You can blame frizz and static on the winter weather too, which is why it's so important to keep your hair hydrated during this time of year. Hydrate your locks by making time for a weekly hair mask. From breakage, to colour care and damage repair, there are a number of hair mask formulas that have been designed to target specific hair concerns. For maximum effect, apply your mask onto damp hair and leave for three to five minutes. Be sure to rinse thoroughly once done.

Element-proof your hair this winter

You've probably noticed that your hair feels weaker and breaks more often during the winter than any other season, this is due to damage caused by extreme temperatures. Incorporating a hair-protecting cream into your hair care routine will help to strengthen your hair while reducing the amount of damage caused by the cold. As your hair is more fragile during this time of the year, we'd advise you to be gentler when brushing through knots, which you should only do with a wide-toothed comb.

Keep it trimmed and tidy

Last but not least, you're bound to experience a bit of breakage and damage here and there and there's no better way to keep split ends at bay than to book regular appointments with your stylist for a trim. You'll also have the opportunity to speak to your stylist about the best hair care routine for your hair type, colour and style.

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