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Slicked Back Straight Vs Slick Low Bun

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Slicked Back Vs Sleek Low

Feeling sophisticated? So are we, which is why we've got our eyes set on two of the classiest hairstyles on the runway this season. But which will you be sporting, a slicked back straight or a slick low bun?

Slicked Back Straight

The look: Slicked back hairstyles are perfect for those second and third hair days, or for when you just don't have the time to style a fancy up-do. Slick, straight and simple, this is one hairstyle you'll be turning to again and again!

Achieve it: This look works best on straight and straightened hair, as curls can cause frizz, which you'll want to avoid when recreating this look. Simply brush a fair amount of gel into your locks and style back with a comb. Take this look from daytime to evening event by adding extra gel to your hair for added shine.

A note from the editor: This is an incredibly glamorous, yet understated look, which can be taken from work to a red carpet affair with the addition of drop earrings and a red-hot evening gown.

Slick Low Bun

The look: The classic ballerina bun is an elegant up-do that won't be leaving the limelight anytime soon. Give a modern twist to this feminine hairstyle by wearing it slick and as low as you can go.

Achieve it: The key is to style your bun low and to make sure not a single strand of hair lets loose in windy weather, so make sure you go maxi when applying hair gel and smooth your locks down with a smoothing brush post-application. Keep the look in place with hairpins and a spritz of hair spray.

A note from the editor: As this is such a minimalist look, you'll have even more time and enough of a blank canvas to go to town with your makeup and accessories. Think: a bold red lip and big pearl earrings for a fancy French finish that will see you all the way through Spring!

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