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Slicked Back Bobs are Officially In

Prepare yourself for a serious throwback moment, because the slicked back bob is officially on the fashion radar and it's one of the most versatile hairstyles you'll ever see!

How the slicked back bob got its mojo back


Bobs, lobs and wobs have dominated hair styling trends for the past couple of seasons and just when we thought things were starting to settle down, this feisty-looking number has popped its head around the corner. Paying homage to the wet-look hairstyles of the nineties, the slicked back bob is a fun, yet sophisticated look to achieve if you have short hair or are considering going in for the chop.

Want to be in the know-how? Here's how you can work this season's hottest short hairstyle in four simple steps.

Step 1. Let's start with the basics by washing your hair wish a nourishing, shine-enhancing shampoo and conditioner. Apply a smoothing styling cream, focusing on the lengths and ends to form a base to work with.

Step 2. Blow-dry your hair on a warm temperature, but avoid setting your dryer to the hottest setting to minimise damage. Hold the dryer with the nozzle pointing down to encourage a straight and smooth finish. To create the flicked ends, take a round soft-bristled brush and wrap around the ends while blow-drying.

Step 3. Take a coin-sized amount of wet-look gel and rub between your palms before smoothing the product onto the roots of the front and sides of your head. Leave the back of your head free of any product. Use a fine-toothed comb to achieve a slick finish and do away with any flyaway hairs.

Step 4. Finish by securing your slicked back bob in place with a hair spray. A lightweight formula will keep the look in place while allowing the lengths of your hair to move naturally.

Top tips: If you've been blessed with naturally curly hair, we recommend speaking to your stylist about the various in-salon hair straightening treatments that are available to you today.

Team up your slicked back bob with a bold lip and a throwback nineties outfit.

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