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Rooting for roots or understated uniform blonde?

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Roots va uniform hair

To root, or not to root? It's a common dilemma faced by many who choose to colour their hair blonde. But which is more natural looking? visible roots or uniform blonde hair? We'll let you decide with two of our favourite blonde looks.

Blonde with visible roots

The look: Dark roots don't have to look dramatic on blonde hair and can be a great way to hide hair growth, which is handy for those of you who don't have time for regular trips to the salon. If coloured by a professional, a more natural colour match can be made in which dark roots gradually blend into blonde hair. This is best achieved with golden shades of blonde.

Achieve it: Both ombré and sombré are great ways to sport roots on blonde hair as the effect is subtle and a range of gradual highlights in varying shades can be blended to suit your natural root colour.

A note from the editor: Ombré and sombré hair have proven that dark roots can look both natural and stylish on a range of hair styles and shades of blonde. They're also two low maintenance hair colouring techniques that camouflage in-between hair growth stages, which is perfect for anyone who is yet to make a decision on their next colour and cut. Fancy a more dramatic look? Go for the 90s Grunge look and ask your colourist to go a shade lighter on the lengths of your hair.

Uniform blonde

The look: Having uniform blonde hair means that your colour is the same from root to tip, with no signs of visibly darker roots.

Achieve it: Uniform blonde hair is a versatile look to go for as it can be achieved with various shades of blonde, including platinum, ash, golden and honey shades. As with visibly dark roots colouring techniques, you'll want to book an appointment with your colourist to make sure your new shade of blonde is uniform throughout.

A note from the editor: Uniform blonde hair is slightly more high maintenance as you'll want to take extra special care not to have visible roots showing through. You can definitely pull off healthy looking uniform blond hair by setting up a post-colour hair care routine and investing in decent protecting products.

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