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Rapunzel Got Nothing on You! Embrace Your Long Hair!

Beautiful long hair doen't have to be a fairytale dream. Today we're sharing a few haircare and styling tips that will help you maintain healthy long tresses fit for a princess. Even Rapunzel would be jealous...

All the tips for healthy-looking long hair

You made the decision to grow your own and you've been (patiently) letting your hair grow all summer. Now it's just the right length and your focus should shift to maintaining its health. The best way to get healthy-looking long hair is to keep damage at bay, which means ensuring your hair doesn't become dry, brittle or damaged anytime soon.

Put action into practice by booking an appointment with your stylist to have the tips of your locks trimmed every 6-8 weeks. Make sure to tell your stylist that you're growing your hair out and they'll ensure they don't chop off too much length.

Next, you'll want to reinforce your hair's strength by using products that protect it from damage. Treat your tresses to a weekly hair mask and never skip the conditioner on wash days. A night serum will ensure that you wake up with healthy, strong hair, while a heat protection spray will protect your hair from damage during styling.

How to wear your shiny long hair

Long-haired ladies don't have any excuses when it comes to styling options, just think of all the incredible ways you can style your locks! Everyone loves a topknot, but these days we're fully embracing long and loose styles, so let your hair hang low this season. Went it comes to letting your hair down, we're all over glossy and natural-looking locks styled with a simple middle parting.

Bring life to your long hair by injecting it with a hint of colour at the ends, either with dip dye, balayage or ombré. Choose warming autumnal tones to brighten up your complexion, such as warm caramel or chocolate brown highlights.

Finally, ensure your hair shines bright post-styling with a few drops of hair oil, which will enhance shimmer while nourishing your locks. One of this season's hottest looks is matte hair, which you can emulate by applying a mattifying powder to dry hair before styling.

Now you're in with the know-how, prepare to embrace long and luscious hair this season!

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