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Prom night: Find the Best Hairstyle for an Unforgettable Night

This season is all about glamour and sophistication, so set yourself apart from the rest with a sleek prom night hairstyle. Which of these looks will you be teaming up with your outfit?

Sleek and shiny half-up hair

For those of you looking to wear your hair down on prom night, this half-up do is the one for you, as you'll have the option to keep your hair out of your eyes during your slow dance, while still showing off your long and luscious locks. For a sophisticated and modern finish, straighten your tresses with a straightener, create a side parting and smooth down your hair with a styling gel and bristle brush.

Elegant ballerina bun

Show off your long neck and statement jewellery with this feminine ballerina bun. Not only is it incredibly elegant, it's also very easy to achieve. Start off by smoothing your hair into a high ponytail with a bristle brush, then simply wrap the lengths of your ponytail around itself, securing your bun in place with kirby grips. A high-shine hair spray will ensure that your look stays in place throughout the evening, with lasting hold and shine!

Graceful low chignon

Not only does this stunning prom hairstyle channel Hollywood glamour from the 1950s, it's much easier to style than it looks! Create a low chignon by sweeping your hair back into a low ponytail. Apply a serum to your locks to even out frizz and to create and smooth and shiny finish. Create your chignon by wrapping the lengths of your hair around your ponytail and secure in place with kirby grips. Complete the look with a vintage a-line dress and a pair of statement earrings.

There you have it. Whichever hairstyle you opt for, we hope you enjoy your prom night and make it an unforgettable night to remember!

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