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Ponytails: straight vs. curly

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Straight vs curly ponytail

Whether worn straight or curly, the classic ponytail is an all-time favourite hairstyles that's easy to style with versatility, but how do you prefer to wear your pony? Sleek or with texture?

The straight ponytail

The look: Whether you choose to wear yours up high, down low, with a fringe or to the side, the straight ponytail is a staple up-do that can be styled casually, formally and for special events. No wonder it's the nation's favorite hairstyle!

Achieve it: A sleek, straight ponytail is very simple to style, but it's important that you follow the right steps to achieve maximum results with this look. Start off with clean, shiny hair, brush it out, pick your parting and tie it up low or high. For an added sleek finish, consider distributing a small amount of hair oil throughout the middle section of your hair and your ends, as this will give your hair the added smoothness and shine it deserves.

A note from the editor: We love a good straight ponytail here at Hair Trend News, especially on mid to long length hair. If your hair is very long, contrast the length with a blunt fringe, we promise it will look super cute!

The curly ponytail

The look: Another cult classic hairstyle is the curly ponytail, which consists of a basic ponytail, but with the lengths of your hair worn in loose curls or waves. The great thing about this hairstyle is that it gives your locks the illusion of volume, which makes it a perfect option for those of you looking to infuse texture into finer hair.

Achieve it: Start off with clean hair, which you can tie up into a messy high ponytail. Curl your hair with a curler and brush out your curls with a paddle brush to bring them to life. Apply a texturising product and ruffle up your curls so they look natural

A note from the editor: This is an ultra-feminine hairstyle, which is perfectly teamed up with soft pastel makeup. As with the sleek ponytail you can style up this up-do with a formal dress, or wear it loose and messy for more casual days too.

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