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No Half Measures – Go Bold With Block-Coloured Hair

From ombré to balayage, this summer saw the rebirth of a handful of highlighting techniques, but there are times when simplicity in beauty is a must. Read on to find out why block colouring is and will always our number one choice when it comes to hair colour.

The Benefits of Block Colour

Monotone hair is anything but boring! With so many colours and shades to choose from, block colouring your locks can result in endless opportunities for colour variation. From fiery red hair to platinum or silky sleek black, the simplicity in the power of one colour can have you shining brighter than the sun. Let's not forget the pastel trend, which we predict will be staying strong throughout autumn. Candy pink hair that looks delicious enough to eat anyone?

Caring for Coloured Hair

When it comes to standing out in the crowd, the most important thing to consider, whether you have chosen to go down the block colour route or not, is to ensure that your hair colour is vibrant and healthy-looking. Adapt your hair care routine to protect your colour by investing in a shampoo and conditioner that are designed for colour treated hair. Frequent trips to the salon will prevent your colour from fading, as well as keeping visible roots at bay.

How to Style Block-Coloured Hair

When it comes to styling block-coloured hair, the sky really is the limit. This season has seen the comeback of healthy blunt ends, which paired with a bold colour, works perfectly at making a statement and giving your hair healthy vibes. For something a little more swish, consider subtle waves, which will create light reflecting curves that your locks will be proud of.

Speak to your stylist today about block-colouring options to suit your skin tone, haircut and personality this season.

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