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Mid-length waves are this season's hottest style

With ends that fall somewhere between the shoulders and collarbones, mid-length hair has really climbed the hairstyle ranks lately. From red carpet premieres to the Glastonbury Festival, we've spotted this cut styled into loose side-swept waves for a look that's both modern and feminine!

All about the look

If you've ever wished for hair that's long enough to style into buns and braids, yet short enough that it looks great on its own (and without requiring extra maintenance), then do consider us your fairy godmothers because your dream has just come true! Wonderfully versatile, mid-length hair looks especially great when styled into loose, easygoing waves for the perfect boho-chic look.

Having it all

A true chameleon, this style works on all kinds of hair, no matter what the colour or type. Best of all, it's considered a "no risk" look by stylists because of its versatility! Once you've achieved the right form- which usually involves cutting in layers - you can create wavy hair that suits your mood, from perfectly polished to bedhead-chic! That said, this look is a great choice for ladies who prefer taking a more relaxed approach to hair styling.

Making waves

For soft looking waves that feel both lightweight and natural, distribute a curl-enhancing mousse throughout damp, tangle-free hair. If you have naturally wavy hair, allow it to air dry, occasionally scrunching with your hands to encourage texture. Alternatively, if you have straight hair, use a round brush to curl random sections of the hair as you blow dry it, and then finish by lightly tousling the hair with your fingers. And that's what we call "simple but effective"!

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