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Mermaid Hair: Plunge into the Deep This Fall With This Ocean-Inspired Hair Style

Mermaid hair had us all dreaming of sunnier places last summer, however, it's taken on an edgier, more adult appeal this. Prepare to wear your mermaid hair with attitude this season.

Mermaids make for icy blue waves

Whoever said pastel hair should be left behind with the summer has some serious explaining to do, as this ultra-cool long bob with mermaid highlights proves. Icy blue tones are dotted with pale pink and purple pastelage highlights, which perfectly sets off the coolness of the ash blonde roots.

The dreamy effect is further enhanced by being paired up with a wavy textured look. Create dramatic waves by spraying the lengths and ends of your hair with a texturising spray. Use your hands to tousle your locks and allow to dry naturally.

Go ultimate mermaid with vivid colour combos

When it comes to mermaid hair, you can leave the rules at the front door, because thanks to the fantastic colour ranges that are available today, you can pretty much dye your hair any colour under the sun (or let's say, in the ocean...). Better still, opting for a temporary colour solutions mean you can change your hair colour as often and freely as you change your mood.

To make the maximum impact with your mermaid hair this season, speak to a professional colourist who knows how to combine and apply colour to transform you into the mermaid princess you were born to be!

Here's how you should care for your mermaid hair

It goes without saying that when you commit to mermaid hair, it's super important to keep your locks healthy and strong to avoid dryness and damage. Investing in a shampoo and conditioner that are specially designed for colour treated hair is a good place to start, while a weekly hair mask will give your mane the added boost it requires to shine brighter for longer.

Remember, vibrant colours wash out and fade over time, so spread out lengths between washes to retain your colour for longer and don't forget to book your touch-up appointment at your local salon before you notice any colours starting to fade.

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