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Men's Hair: Extra Long vs. Short Men's Hairstyles

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Extra Long vs Short Hair

This season has witnessed the dawn of the longhaired gentleman making his mark on the runway. Still, we can't decide whether we'll be going extra long or short for spring, so we're handing this one over to you!

Men's Extra Long Hair

The look: We're not just talking man-bun-worthy hair here, this look goes the added mile as extra long hair reaches past the shoulder blades and down your back. How long would you dare to go? Whether it's hippie vibes for the summer, or a Gothic revival come autumn, extra long hair should definitely be worn with a straight central parting.

Achieve it: The trick here is to maintain healthy looking hair, which means you'll be investing time and effort into getting your hair trimmed on a regular basis, and using the right products to keep it looks smooth and shiny. We suggest using a serum post-wash and condition to give your hair the added sleek you'll need to pull off the look.

A note from the editor: We love the contrast between a well-tailored suit and long and loose hair, especially for long summer evenings. Don't fancy wearing your hair loose all the time? Opt for a central parted, low pony, or the classic man bun.

Men's Short Hair

The look: Most men would agree that having their hair worn shorts saves a lot of hassle, especially when it comes to washing and waiting for your hair to dry. This shorter haircut is so versatile that you can wear it with pretty much any look. Take your cropped do from the office to a black tie event, from the poolside to a festival by molding it to your needs.

Achieve it: Focus on styling your hair around the front section, smoothing it up and away from the forehead. Apply a hair paste or wax to keep your look in place.

A note from the editor: Whether you choose to wear the sides shorter or slightly longer, the world is your oyster with this fuss-free short hairstyle!

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