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Match the Look - Long Cuts: Fringe or No Fringe?

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Bangs or no bangs?

When pulled off to perfection, long and luscious hair can be a thing of beauty! The question is, does adding a fringe into the mixture make or break styling when it comes to long locks?

Long Hair With a Fringe

The look: There are multiple reasons why you should get a fringe cut this season. Styling a fringe can be a great way to thin thick hair and can help balance out strong facial features, for example. A fringe can also act as a bold feature when worn ultra-short or blunt, adding life and personality to an otherwise simple look.

Achieve it: Ask your stylist for a wispy bang to balance out a strong jaw line or high cheekbones, whereas a fuller fringe can compliment more oval face shapes. For something slightly more daring, why not give baby bangs a try? Baby bangs are incredibly low maintenance and rarely need to be trimmed.

A note from the editor: A fringe will bring attention to your eyes, so consider your eye makeup when sporting this look. Smoky eyes will give you a sultry look that will be hard to for any gaze to turn away from!

Long Hair Without a Fringe

The look: Whether its luscious waves or sleek and straight locks, long hair is the most versatile of lengths to experiment with when it comes to both loose hair and up-dos. Whether up, down, curly or straight, you'll never get bored styling your hair.

Achieve it: Summer is all about surfer girl hair, which puts long blonde locks at the forefront of all hair styling trends. Consider speaking to your stylist about ombré or balayage highlighting technique and opt for soft beach waves to add volume and texture to your locks.

A note from the editor: Long hair is prone to damage, especially during the summer, so make sure you book an appointment for a trim every 6-8 weeks to ensure your hair survives the warm weather in ship shape.

So, have you made up your mind yet? Will you be cutting that fringe or going without it this summer?

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