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Long hair with a side-swept fringe: beautiful and discreet!

A true classic, this long hairstyle is full of body and femininity. Consider a long cut with side-swept bangs to inject soft dimension into your hairstyle, all while shining a spotlight on your hair colour!

All about the look

If you're on the hunt for a long haircut that doesn't require the commitment of styling and upkeep that straight-across bangs or shaggy heavy layers do, find the perfect balance with this long look! Sweet-yet-sophisticated, side-swept bangs can bring movement and visual interest to any long one length haircut.

According to stylist Steve Rowbottom, Creative Director of Westrow, a "natural balayage with warmer/copper tones" can really elevate this look. Balayage is a French technique to highlight the hair freehand (rather than using traditional foils or a hair cap) to give more natural, paint-like results.

Changing your look

The best way to handle bangs that are growing out is by sweeping them to one side. Once your hair gets to the point where your fringe is too long to style straight across but too short to tuck behind your ears, have your stylist trim them in a side-swept shape so they blend more easily into your lengths.

Curl, set, dress!

How to style this look? Complement the softness of side-swept bangs with big-body curls that bend and move- no stiff, straight locks here! Rowbottom recommends achieving the curls by drying a volumising mousse into the hair and then "setting the curls before dressing them out," which can be done by creating sculpted curls with tongs before brushing them through.

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