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How To Choose the Right Fringe for Your Face Shape

Thinking of trying something new with your locks, but not quite ready for a boy cut or unicorn hair? A fringe might be all you need to refresh your look, but with so many variations, which one should you sport this spring? Read on to be in the know-how!

Which fringe for my oval face ?

Oval face-shaped ladies are in for a treat, because pretty much any fringe will suit your face shape. However, if you want to create balance in your features, we'd suggest opting for a blunt fringe. A blunt fringe can be very flattering for oval face shapes, but if you feel that going blunt might be a little too harsh for your look, consider consider angling off the sides of your fringe to soften it out.

Which fringe for my round face ?

Whoever said round face shapes should avoid wearing a fringe got it totally wrong! A thick, side-swept fringe is the key to give a bit of angle to round faces, highlighting the cheekbone area providing definition. Just make sure your fringe isn't too soft, as you don't want to further soften your naturally round features.

Which fringe for my square face ?

Those of you with square face shapes should opt for longer haircuts and long, lash-grazing fringes. Your fringe should sit just below the line of your eyebrows and should preferably be worn long. Soften out your jaw line by having your fringe cut so that it tapers out at the sides. This way you can wear your lash-grazing fringe to the side and towards the face.

Which fringe for my heart-shaped face ?

Most fringe types compliment heart-shaped faces, though the most flattering and versatile fringe for this particular face shape is the wispy fringe. Great news for heart-shaped faces as a wispy fringe can be worn short, long swept to the side, towards the face and back! Combine your wispy fringe with long layers to soften out your look.

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