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Guys, It's Time to Get Colourful!

The colourful hair craze is still going strong and it looks like a number of boys have taken a liking to the bright and bold craze...

Make a statement with coloured hair

Just because your hair is short, it doesn't mean you can't experiment with colours, as this bright and bold look proves. A vibrant colour, such as electric blue or fiery red looks particularly good teamed up with an undercut or a shaved head look. Men with longer hair can get their creativity going by sporting pastel hues. Pale purples, peachy oranges, mint greens and silver hair all look great on long hairstyles and some men are going as far as getting in touch with their softer sides by colouring their hair with shades of pastel pink and rose gold.

Not sure where to start? Leave it to the colour experts! Your colourist will be equipped with expert knowledge to advise you on the best cut/colour combinations to suit your style and personality. If you're not quite ready for a long-term colour commitment, why not dip your toes in the water with a temporary colour fix? Temporary hair colour generally lasts up to 15 washes, so there's plenty of room to switch up your colour as often as you want. Your only limit is your imagination.

Looking after your colour

Once you've got the right colour, it's important to maintain its shine and vibrancy by washing and conditioning your hair with products designed for colour treated hair. Exposure to bleach can cause your hair to become brittle and dry over time, so treat your mane to a deep condition with a weekly hair mask application. Keep split ends at bay by getting your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks.

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