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Gloss Smudging: The New Way to Disguise Your Roots

Sometimes it might feel like there are so many hot new trends hitting the catwalk, that you barely have time to keep up with them! That's why we're here to keep you updated on all the up-and-comings. Introducing to you today: gloss smudging.

Roots perfection

Last summer was all about emphasizing the contrast between dark roots and fair hair, but this year highlights are looking far more subtle. In fact, any signs of unnatural hair colour have become an absolute no-no!

That's why we're introducing "gloss smuding" - a new hair colouring technique that has recently made its way off of the catwalk and into salons around the globe. In a nutshell, gloss smuding involves adding a gloss toner to the roots of your hair post-colouring, so that they blend in seamlessly with the lengths on your hair. This blurring of colours creates a natural sun-kissed effect without the telltale signs of grown out roots. It's the perfect solution for those of you who are looking to sport highlights this summer, but aren't so keen on visiting the salon on a frequent basis for root touch-ups.

Here's why we're all over colour smuding

Gloss smudging works on any tyoe of hair colouration that requires going lighter, which makes it the perfect solution for brunettes looking to go blonde and for those of you in search of the perfect sun-kissed highlighting effect. As gloss smudging glosses over your roots, blurring the lines between your highlights and hair colour, you can easily go back to your natural colour, or hold off on root touch-ups for as long as you want. If this isn't your idea of a low maintenance colouring solution, then we don't know what is!

So now that the secret is out the bag, it's time to enjoy your laid back, fuss-free new summer colour!

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