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Four New Ways To Wear Braids This Spring and Summer

Dutch Braid One Sided Dutch Braid Braided Bun Boho Braids
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In search of a fun and tidy way to keep your hair back in the hot weather? Look no further, we've got you covered with these creative braided looks!

The Double Dutch Braid Pony

Once upon a time (approximately one summer ago), boxer braids were all the rage. Treat your hair to an exciting new braided hairstyle with this clever double Dutch braided ponytail, which combines two Dutch braids, which are gathered at the back with a low ponytail. Though it might look trick, Dutch braids are quite easy to style. Instead of braiding your hair over, as with a French braid, you simply braid under.

One Sided Dutch Braid

Braids are the perfect solution to pulling off the shaved side look without having to shave your hair! Create a faux-shaved hairstyle by braiding one side of your hair in a Dutch braid, while leaving the other half loose. Create contrast in your look by making sure your loose hair is smooth and sleek, which you can do with a bit of serum and straighteners.

The Braided Low Bun

Here's a look for those of you who prefer something a little more feminine and elegant. Not only is this an ultra-girly look, it's also incredibly easy to style. Start off by scooping your hair into a low ponytail, then braid your hair into a loose plait. Finish off the look by tucking your plait under and securing it in place with hair grips. Pull and tweak your plait every so slightly to create volume. Perfect!

Bohemian Braids

If you prefer to wear your hair long and loose this season, then Bohemian braids will be your go-to look. Whether you choose to wear your braids tidy or messy, they'll look great teamed up with a long and wavy mane. Add a bit of boho charm by wearing a hair chain or flowers in your locks. Peace and love folks!

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