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Fire Up Your Red Hair Colour This Winter

As the weather outside continues to get colder, we're spicing things up with a warm new look. It's all about the smoldering red hair this winter. Read on for expert tips on maintaining the perfect shade of red.

How to choose the perfect shade of red

The exciting thing about going red are the various options you'll have when it comes to picking shades. From strawberry blonde to auburn, copper, ginger and rose gold, there are plenty of shades out there to suit every complexion, style and personality.

When it comes to picking the perfect shade, opt for a colour that flatters your skin tone. Copper, ginger and auburn, for example, are warm hues and look great on bronzed skin. Rose gold and burgundy have cool hues and look best on pale skin that has green/blue undertones. Red hair is great for making eye colours pop! Green eyes look bold set against bright reds, whereas brown eyes look sultry and deep when teamed up with rich dark tones.

Getting creative with the red-haired look

Why stick to one shade when you can have all the pretty reds! Speak to your colourist about mixing a combination of shades to create a look that's unique to you. For a colour that warms up even the coldest of winter days, consider mixing up bright and bold streaks of cherry with dark plum, or why not opt for a rose-gold ombré?

Why stop at shade combinations when you can tailor your hairstyle to suit your new red colour? A wavy bob will bring out texture and depth in highlighted red hair, whereas Hollywood waves are great at showing off burgundy, amber and copper tones.

Looking after your red hair

Red hair requires a considerable amount of time, attention and nourishment to stay vibrant, so opt for a shampoo and conditioner that are designed for colour treated hair. A weekly hair mask will maintain your hair's vibrancy and frequent visits to the salon for touch-ups will ensure your colour lasts through the winter months!

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