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Festival Hair Battle: Floral Crown vs. Lilac Hair

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Will you be attending a festival this summer?

Summer is still strong in our hearts, as are all of the music festivals that are yet to come! But how will you be styling your locks as you rock out to the jam? Here are two hairstyles to get you thinking...

Floral Crown

The look: What's a festival without a floral crown? This look has been sported at festivals since hippies started wearing flowers in their hair during the seventies and we very much doubt it's an accessory that is about to disappear anytime soon...

Achieve it: Whether you choose to wear your hair down or in a braided nest, the floral crown is the easiest way in which you can jazz up your festival outfit. With so many different crowns to choose from these days, you've even got the option to match the colours of your crown's flowers to your hair, makeup or outfit.

A note from the editor: We're loving how this fashionista has given free loving vibes to her chin-length bob with a floral crown, proving that even short hair can benefit from this pretty accessory.

Lilac Hair

The look: Move over balayage, hello pastel highlights! We are more than in love with the combination of these pale pastel highlights with platinum blonde hair. This hair colouring technique gives a delicate finish to an otherwise edgy look that is bound to rock the dancefloor.

Achieve it: Lilac highlights work best on pale blonde hair, which means this is a look that is best suited to natural either natural or bottle blondes. Dark purple, such as violet works best on dark hair, which means brunettes can have just as much fun as blondes with this look. Speak to your colourist about picking a colour that is best suited to your hair and complexion.

A note from the editor: Pastel colours are traditionally teamed up with whites and other lights, but we're digging how cool this fashionista looks with her lilac highlights, black vest and shades. Rocking it!

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