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Fair haired: polar blonde vs platinum blonde

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Polar blonde vs Platinum blonde

As summer approaches we're all heading to the salon for new season cuts and colours. Are you more of an ice-cool polar blonde girl, or is platinum blonde the look for you?

Straight from the arctic - Polar blonde

The look: The look is in the name when it comes to polar blonde hair, which is very light and cool in colour to the point of almost appearing white.

Achieve it: This is not the easiest look to achieve as hair will require considerable treatment pre and post-colour to maintain a healthy appearance. It is considered a high maintenance hair colour as roots require regular touch-ups to keep the the colour looking good, but the overall effect is stunning and it works wonders as an instance face brightener.

A note from the editor: Though polar blonde hair is often considered as being somewhat cold in nature, this colour will reflect beautifully on bright and sunny summer days. We're especially excited to team up our summer festival boho outfits with this colour.

Million dollar colour - Platinum blonde

The look: As with polar blonde hair, platinum blonde is on the extreme light end of the blonde hair spectrum, only that its undertones are warmer and more yellow compared to polar blonde hair.

Achieve it: This is a high maintenance shade of blonde that requires regular root touch-ups and hair treatments, but if looked after with care, platinum blonde can be a fun colour to experiment with this summer. From Hollywood glamour, to wobs and flaves, platinum blonde hair is a truly versatile colour to team up with this season's hottest hair trends.

A note from the editor: Think of platinum blonde hair as polar blonde's more sophisticated older sister. This classic colour is just the thing to add an air of gracefulness to your look this summer.

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