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Cream Soda: The Hair Colour Trend You're About to See Everywhere This Fall

Word about town is that there's a brand new hair colour that's delicious enough to eat! Read on to discover more about "cream soda" hair and why it's set to become this season's hottest blonde hair trend...

What is Cream Soda?

Los Angeles is at the forefront of hair colouring techniques once again with this season's latest colour craze: cream soda. A light and subtle highlighting technique, cream soda delicately blends warm and creamy golden hues to lighten and brighten the hair. Unlike balayage and ombré, which create contrast between tones, cream soda highlights dimension with a far softer approach. Whether you choose to go for a lighter or darker, more intense blonde, your options are limitless with this colouring technique.

How to Achieve Cream Soda Hair

Creating the cream soda look is a skilled process that can only be achieved in-salon by a professional colourist. A number of different shades of blonde are strategically applied to the hair, resulting in a neutral and natural-looking finish. One of the major perks of cream soda is that it's a simple colour to maintain. The natural finish means you can allow your roots to grow out gradually, without having to fuss over colour touch-ups.

How to Style Cream Soda Hair

Style your hair loose and wavy to make the most of your cream soda colour. Applying a few drops of hair oil to damp hair prior to styling will ensure an instant shine and enhance the different tones of blonde in your locks.

Not blessed with naturally wavy hair? Fake it until you make it with heat styling tools. Apply a curl enhancing styling cream to wet hair after washing and use a diffuser to blow dry your hair into voluminous waves. Lock your look in place with a light spritz of long-lasting natural hold hair spray.

Falling in love yet? We knew you would. Get the look today by speaking to your colourist about the various shades and combinations of cream soda that best suit your natural hair colour and complexion.

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