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Couple Cuts - Yay or Nay?

Is matching hair a sign of true love, or proof that you've been spending far too much time with your significant other?

Playing Matchy-Matchy

Some consider couples who match their hair to be a cute love statement, while others are repulsed by the idea of it. Either way, it definitely beats the commitment of getting matching tattoos! If you're not quite ready to commit to his undercut, or he's not really sure how your baby bangs would go down with his friends, there's a hair-friendlier way to grow closer and all it requires is a bathroom shelf...

What's Mine is Yours

Sure, everyone's allowed a bit of space at times, but when it comes to limited bathroom shelf space, you'll be happy to know there are plenty of hair products you can share with your beau. Looking to update your pixie into a messy shag? That styling paste will do nicely to add texture to your locks. You'll appreciate the frizz-free matte texture when styling your hair in a topknot or a sleek bun too. Ran out of wet-look gel? You'll have your boyfriend to thank for your quick-fix wax moment. Either that, or he'll be pleased you haven't spent another half an hour trying to figure out the next best hair styling solution!

Treats for Two

But it isn't all one-sided, as he'll seriously appreciate some of your hair products too, such as that dry shampoo, because boys will do anything for an extra ten minutes in bed in the morning! Is your man a bit of a silver fox? He'll probably appreciate your colour enhancing silver shampoo too. How about your hair oil? Why wouldn't he value the added glossy finish an oil can add to enhance the natural shine in his locks? Okay, so he might not get it straight away, but wait until he gets his hands on your products!

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