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Choosing the right fringe for your French Girl Hair look

French Girl Hair has remained at the forefront of chic hair styling throughout SS16. This effortlessly rock and roll look consists of two key components: a luscious deep brown colour and a fringe. But which fringe best suits this hot trending hairstyle? Read on to find out!

Keep it long and choppy

You already know how to style French Girl Hair, so you're perfectly aware that cutting a long and wispy fringe is crucial to finishing off this look. There is one thing we forgot to mention previously and that is to ask your stylist to cut your fringe somewhere between your eyebrows and cheekbones. Whether you choose to wear your fringe at eyebrow length or longer, forget cutting it short into baby bangs as the two looks really don't go well together.

Be precise about the thickness too, and ask for a thick fringe, but make sure its cut choppy and not blunt to really finish off this look.

Styling your French Girl Hair fringe

Though this hairstyle might look effortless, it's important to keep your fringe well styled and in check, so be sure to make regular visits to the salon for a quick fringe trim as and when needed.

To style your fringe, you can either choose to wear it across your forehead, or with a slight central parting for a more 70s retro touch. French girls never straighten their hair and wear it messy, so keep your fringe away from styling tools at all costs. Applying a smoothing product to damp hair will help to control frizz and flyaway hair. If you have a natural cow's lick, try blow drying your hair with a medium round brush the night before styling.

Texture is crucial when styling your French Girl Hair, but first make sure your fringe is clean and grease-free by giving it a good wash on a regular basis. To add texture and to create that effortlessly chic finish, be sure to use a texturising spray to give your hair that added bed-head effect.

Finish off your look with a shine spray or hair oil to keep your locks looking healthy and shiny all day long.

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