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Check out these 5 short hairstyles to wear to a summer wedding

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With the warm weather in full swing, we're quite sure you've already been invited to a number of summer weddings. Lacking hair inspiration? Read on to find the perfect hairstyle to wear to a summer wedding.

The classic (and cute) pixie cut

You can't go wrong with a classic pixie haircut. A pixie cut is especially suited to longer face shapes and works wonders at giving fine hair an added bit of texture. Be sure to use a texturising powder before styling to give your hair the added boost and team up your pixie cut with delicate drop earrings to accentuate the neck and for an elegant finish.

Layered bob with wispy bangs

Opt for a layered bob with a wispy fringe this summer if you fancy yourself as being a bit of a rock chic. This hairstyle is particularly suited to finer hair and to those of you with heavy jaw lines as the wispy fringe really helps to soften out facial features.

Curl your crop

Curly haired girls can have fun playing around with a cropped curly hairdo. This style is both playful and youthful as the cupid curls soften prominent facial features in wider face shapes and also helps to plump up longer faces. Be sure to use styling products that are specifically designed for curly hair to give added bounce and twist to your curls.

Short back and sides

For those of you with ultra short hair, a short back and sides teamed up with a bouffant is a modern and edgy look to sport at a wedding this summer. Give your bouffant a bit of a back-comb, followed by a quality holding spray to make sure it keeps in place throughout the day. Team your short back and sides up with statement jewellery to draw attention to your bold hairstyle and beautiful face.

Keep it cool with the wet look

When in doubt, opt for the wet look. This look is versatile, easy to style and incredibly stylish. It's also a great look for when you're in a rush, have visible roots, or if you happen to be experiencing a bad hair day. Simply brush hair back with a comb and applying a decent amount of styling gel. Team this look up with dewy makeup by strobing with a highlighter and applying a nude lipstick.

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