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Blorange Bob The Perfect Hairstyle For a Summer In The City

City slickers are in for a treat, because there's a sassy new hairstyle in town. Are you ready for a hot new hair adventure this summer? Read on to find out more!

Meet this summer's hottest hair colour

What do you get when you combine orange and blonde? A bright and buzzing peach that has been given the name blorange. It's the perfect colour to dye your hair this summer, especially if you're unsure whether full on red is for you, as blorange comes in a range of shades, from bright and bold to soft and peachy.

How to achieve a blorange bob

Your colourist will help you decide on the shade of blorange that's best suited to you. Whether it's a rose gold, pastel peach or electric orange, there's a shade out there for each and every one of you. You should also discuss whether colouring your full head, highlights or a balayage technique will work best for you. One particularly hot trend this summer is gloss smudging, a low-maintenance colouring technique that is ideal for those who would rather not return to the salon on a frequent basis for root touch-ups.

Your bob should be styled blunt, with minimal layers and at chin length. Your fringe should follow suit in being styled blunt and at eyebrow length, though your stylist will be able to advise you on the perfect length to suit your face shape.

Maintaining your blorange bob

When it comes to coloured hair, you'll want to start with a healthy base, so consider speaking to your stylist about any pre-colour treatments that your salon may offer. Investing in a shampoo and conditioner that are designed for colour treated hair will ensure the vitality of your newly coloured hair, as will frequent visits to the salon for colour touch-ups.

Keep your bob and bangs looking blunt and edgy by booking an appointment with your stylist every 6-8 weeks.

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