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Autumnal pastel trend: luminous lilac vs silver steel

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Lilac vs Silver

As pastel hair continues to reign supreme this Winter, which shade of pale are you most likely to sport this season, lilac or steel? We let you decide for yourselves!

Go floral with this luminous lilac colour

The look: As much as we are loving the rose gold hair trend that's been taking the world by storm, sometimes you just have to infuse a little bit of lilac in your life. A little bit grunge, while remaining glam and feminine all at the same time, Lilac is a chic new pastel hair colour that you'll be seeing a lot more of this season.

Achieve it: To achieve this look, you'll need to bleach your hair to platinum first, which means those of you with dark hair will be going through an extensive pre-colour treatment before the colouring process. Your colourist will then apply the lilac dye and the rest is magic! It's advised that you book regular touch-up appointments with your local salon as pale pastel shades tend to fade much quicker that darker ones do.

A note from the editor: Lilac hair looks great teamed up with glamour-grunge outfits, think leopard print faux-fur coats, metallic strap dresses and pointed black leather ankle boots. It's one of those looks that's bound to reign supreme this Winter!

Forget blue steel, think "Silver steel"

The look: Silver, or granny hair, continues to be a popular pastel hair colour this season, and rightly so, as silver hair has just the right touch of 'statement', elegance and versatility to suit a most personalities and styles.

Achieve it: Try out this season's most daring silver hair trend, silver steel, by asking your colourist to go all-out with the brightest, whites shade of silver out there. Once again, your colourist will need to dye your hair platinum before you can achieve this look and those of you with darker hair will be going through an extensive pre-colour process in order to get your hair platinum.

A note from the editor: Silver steel hair is bound to turn heads as the weather gets frostier. For a rock and roll finish, team your hair up with black velvet, metallic and leather outfits. Those of you with darker hair can take the opportunity to sport a grunge look with visible roots.

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