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90s Rock Chick Hair - How to Pull It Off in Style

Always at the cutting edge of fashion, we're here to ensure you cruise into the new season in style and there is one nineties throwback hairstyle that has rock chicks sitting on the edge of their seats...

Rocking the Long-Haired Look

Nailing this nineties throwback look takes two things, healthy long hair and plenty of attitude. Your locks should look shiny and strong, while styled messy to perfection, but pulling off the 'I woke up like this' look requires care and attention.

Let's Start With Healthy Hair

Ensure your hair is happy and well nourished by keeping your tips trimmed and lengths conditioned. Give your locks frequent tender loving care by applying a weekly hair mask, adding a hair oil to your hair grooming routine and using a heat protection spray when drying with a hair dryer or styling with hot tools.

Nailing Cool Color

You've got the shiny, healthy hair out of the way, what about your colour? Rock chick hair should look minimum effort, so go low maintenance this season with visible roots in the form of balayage highlights, but keep the transition between your roots and lengths as natural as possible. Gloss smudging will ensure your hair colour gradient appears natural, so speak to your colourist about this hair colour technique today!

Messy Chic Styling

Achieve this look by wearing your hair with a messy side parting, which will give you added height and attitude. When it comes to styling, consider allowing your locks to dry naturally. For added texture, applying a texturizing spray to damp hair, but if you're looking to create volume with colossal heights, blow-drying your hair upside down will do the trick. Keep rocking that height throughout the day by applying a light hold hair spray to your roots.

When it comes to completing the look, go all-out nineties with vintage jeans, fishnet stockings, a biker jacket and statement jewellery.

Ladies, are you ready to rock?

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