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5 shades of blonde to try in 2015

 Dirty blonde bombshell  Strawberry belle  Keep cool with ash  Dark blonde bombshell  Platinum Queen
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Which beautiful blonde shades are on trend right now, and why you should try them!

Dirty blonde bombshell

For the practical among us, deliberately opting for a few dark roots and a dirty blonde shade is a great way to reduce the upkeep. No more constant root touch-ups. Plus, this shade of blonde suits those with naturally darker hair, and is less of a 'shock' for first-time blondes.

Strawberry belle

A gorgeous colour for summer is this strawberry blonde shade, which immediately brings warmth to your complexion. Check your skin tone first, as strawberry blonde suits those with pink undertones to their complexion. The reddish hues also make your hair more vulnerable to the sunlight, so be sure to look after it - especially during the summer months.

Keep cool with ash

If you haven't the right skin tone for warm colours, but you still want to try blonde, opt for an ash hue. Cold-toned doesn't mean washed-out and miserable: the shade below is light and ethereal. It's also a great transitioning colour if you're moving between shades and don't want it to be too noticeable.

Dark blonde bombshell

Don't let blonde scare you! Test out the colour by starting with a darker shade. It's also a good choice for those whose complexions can't take bright blonde colours. We especially love the hue against piercing blue eyes like here... Wow!

Platinum queen

Maybe it's because we're more fearless when it comes to hair colour this year. Either way, platinum shades have skyrocketed in popularity recently. They take quite a lot of looking after, but the effect is always striking. Be ready to turn heads, winter is not coming, yet.

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