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5 reasons to sport a fringe this Autumn

New season, new you? Here are 5 reasons why you should speak to your hairstylist about getting a fringe cut this Autumn!

You'll finally get to take a risk when it comes to your hair

Have you had the same hairstyle since 2009? Now's the time to make a change, even if ever so slight a change as adding a fringe to your current hairdo. Getting a fringe cut is definitely less- committal than going in for a full on chop, because you can always pin your fringe back or sweep it to the side if you start missing your good old trusty hair do!

It's a great option if you're not quite ready for a drastic change in length

You've spent all year growing your hair to your desired length and now everyone's going on about bobs, lobs and undercuts, but you're not ready to part with your good work just yet! Getting a fringe will give you a whole new look without you having to make too much of a drastic change to begin with. Who knows, it might just encourage you to go shorter...

You like the idea of a graphic hairdo, but you're not quite sure how to go about it

A thick blunt fringe, or baby bangs can make a world of a difference to your hairstyle and can even sway your look over to the graphic side. If it's good enough for fashion darlings, it's definitely good enough for you!

It'll give you more options when it comes to styling your hair

You might think that once you cut a fringe, you'll be stuck with it, but that's not necessarily true! Though a fringe does require maintenance, there are plenty of variations when it comes to styling that you'll have a whole bunch of new hairstyles to add to your collection. From wearing your fringe in a 70s central parting, to rolling it up in a retro pin-up hairstyle, the styling options really are endless.

Because you know you want to give "French girl hair" a go

You've read about it and seen it in magazines, and now you can't get French girl hair out of your head. The only thing is that the most important element to styling this elegant hairstyle is to cut yourself a fringe...

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